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How Tri-Tip Steak Became The Heart Of California Barbecue
When it comes to regional barbecue in the U.S., you probably think about states like Texas, North Carolina, or Missouri. For California, tri-tip defines its barbecue.
Tri-tip is a cut of beef in the shape of a triangle that weighs an average of 2 to 3 pounds. The cut is found in the bottom sirloin, which is between the top sirloin and the flank.
The tri-tip began gaining popularity in California in the ‘50s. It is usually dry-rubbed with a combination of salt, black pepper, and garlic salt, and cooked over red-oak coals.
It is often referred to as California’s Cut or the Santa Maria Steak. It is a staple of Elk Lodges and various other restaurants in and around Santa Maria.
This style of barbecue is influenced by Mexican and Spanish traditions. Local legend says that Santa Maria Market owner Bob Schutz was the first to introduce the cut in the ‘50s.
The trend caught on and soon locals and visitors couldn't get enough of this juicy steak. You can use the tri-tip to make tacos or grill it with blackberry mustard.