Dutch oven on stove top
How To Use Your Dutch Oven To Make Meat And Veggies At The Same Time
Cooking meat, veggies, and a flavorful liquid inside a covered Dutch oven yields succulent, tender results by trapping steam inside the vessel, keeping the ingredients moist.
A traditional way to cook with a Dutch oven is to put veggies in the pot and place the meat on top, but you can also cook them separately, yet at the same time in the same vessel.
Fill your pot with meat and cooking liquid and place the veggies in a steamer basket. Set the basket over the pot, cover it, and let steam from the meat cook the veggies.
Make sure there's enough room between the basket and the food below. The veggies will finish steaming in just 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the kinds you’re using.