A stack of brownies on a plate
How To Use Flavored Coffee Creamer To Seriously Elevate Brownies
Chocolate chips or nuts are fine additions to brownies, but you can really make them better by adding coffee creamer to create a more indulgent and fudgy texture.
For brownie mix, substitute the amount of water listed on the box with coffee creamer and proceed as usual. For homemade brownies, add the coffee creamer into the wet ingredients.
Coffee creamers are available in countless varieties, and flavors that pair well with coffee also usually go well with chocolate, so the possibilities are endless.
Coconut, peppermint, caramel, hazelnut, and cinnamon are all flavors that go well with brownies and also happen to be popular coffee creamer varieties.
The rich creamer also adds extra fat for brownies with a decadent fudgy texture. Try using Kahlua coffee creamer for brownies that have the actual flavor of coffee.
You can make your brownies even more delicious with additions like a Nutella swirl in hazelnut creamer brownies, or chopped candy canes mixed into chocolate peppermint brownies.