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How To Use Aluminum Foil To Sharpen Your Kitchen Scissors
We all look to aluminum foil right away if we need something to preserve our leftovers, line our pans, or make our own smokers in the oven. However, when our kitchen scissors aren’t cutting as well as we’d like them to, foil is also a great way to help us keep them sharp so we’re not forced to go out and buy another pair.
According to Popular Mechanics, all you need to do is take 12 inches of foil and keep folding until it’s six layers thick, then cut until you have about 10 or twelve strips, before rinsing the blade and testing the results. In action, the foil is actually scouring the blade to remove grime and residue that interfere with your cut.
CNET mentions this hack on a list that highlights the benefits of aluminum foil in the kitchen, which also includes polishing silver and making your own cookie cutters. If you aren’t ending up with the results you’d like, Popular Mechanics and Craft Space Ideas proposes to use sand paper instead; so happy cutting and stay safe!