Two raw beef shanbks on a wooden cutting board
How To Unlock The Tasty Potential Of Shank Steak Marrow
Beef shanks are a piece of meat cut from the cow’s leg. The cut contains part of the leg bones, and within that bone is the marrow, a nutrient-dense substance perfect for braising.
Beef shanks will only toughen up more when cooked over high heat. Shanks need time and low temperatures for all that marrow and connective tissue to break down.
Braising, that wonderful liquid-based stovetop or slow-cook method, works wonders on the meat and the marrow and will give you something ultra tender that falls off the bone.
The marrow will render some of its fat as it cooks in the braising liquid, giving the sauce a shiny appearance and lush texture. The marrow’s flavor will be wonderfully savory.
You can mix the marrow in with the rest of the meat from the braise or scoop it out with a fork and eat it by itself as a little treat.