Several different types of bagels stacked on top of each other
How To Turn Your Morning Bagel Into A Dreamy Dessert
You can upgrade your bagels into a sweet treat dubbed the "Crème Brûléegle" by the Naughty Fork on TikTok. All you need is cream cheese, turbinado sugar, and a kitchen torch.
Spread a halved bagel with cream cheese, sprinkle the sugar on top, and move the torch flame over the bagels so the sugar caramelizes and turns brown.
The lightly toasted, crunchy topping of sugar on top of a rich spread of cream cheese served on a pillowy soft bagel creates a surprisingly delicious breakfast or dessert.
Try garnishing your bagel with sea salt, cinnamon, or shavings of chocolate. Plain or poppyseed bagels work best, though even sesame or whole wheat make tasty variations.