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How To Turn Your Charcoal Grill Into
A Smoker
Smokers come in all different shapes and sizes, from offset and box smokers to Kamodo and pellet grills. A smoker is great for smoking meats for barbecue or anything else, but a charcoal kettle grill is also a great alternative.
The snake method, outlined by the Perth BBQ School, is an ingenious and elegant solution that requires only a grill, charcoal briquettes, a water pan, and a few bits of wood. Line two rows of briquettes around roughly three-quarters of the perimeter of the inside fire grate of the grill (or snake), and place a water pan in the middle that's about three-quarters full.
Place wood chips or chunks above the snake, and the briquettes will slowly ignite the ones next to them and burn around the grill, giving a slow and controlled heat source, as the water pan acts as a thermoregulator and provides moisture. Concurrently, the briquettes will cause the wood chunks to smolder and give off smoke.