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How To Tell When Pancake Batter Is Over Or Under-Mixed
If you want better results when making your go-to pancake recipe, it's vital not to overmix or undermix your batter. While undermixing can be easily fixed, overmixing can result in flat and chewy pancakes that can't be saved, so look for these visual cues that will tell you what stage your batter is at before you mix it any further.
While perfectly mixed pancake batter will have some lumps, overmixed batter will either be loose and soupy or thick and dry, looking more like a biscuit mix. Either scenario will result in your pancakes not cooking properly, which is why you should learn to leave some lumps in your batter and err on the side of caution when stirring.
It can take as little as 10 strokes to thoroughly mix your pancake batter, so to be safe, try and stay around this number. It’s also important to let the pancake batter rest for a maximum of 30 minutes before ladling it into a frying pan, which will help your flapjacks absorb more moisture and come out fluffy and lighter than air.