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How To Tell When It's Time To Fold Your Omelet
Cooking omelets can be tricky, especially when it's time to fold your flat disc of eggs into a half-moon shape. It's easy to assume that good results come down to luck or your flipping technique, but if your eggs frustratingly stick to the pan every time you make an omelet, you just need to use correct timing.
The best way to prevent eggs sticking to the pan is to fold your omelet at the right point in the cooking process. Firstly, instead of pouring the eggs into the pan and leaving them to cook, lightly scramble them; the movement of scrambling prevents the egg from forming a chemical bond with the metal of the pan.
To achieve perfect timing, start with oil or butter in a pan, add the beaten eggs, and gently stir them around using a spatula. The trick is not to stir too much or too long; wait until the eggs are almost completely scrambled, tilt the pan to distribute the remaining runny eggs, and then fold your omelet with ease.