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How To Tell Real Orange Blossom Honey From An Imposter
One popular variety of honey is orange blossom honey, known for its citrusy aroma and fruity flavor that comes from bees that pollinate orange blossoms. However, the market for exotic honeys is flooded with imposters, so here are a few tips to help make sure you know you're buying true orange blossom honey.
Giveaways of inferior honey include a suspiciously cheap price, additives such as dyes and flavor enhancers, and dilution. There should only be one ingredient on the ingredients list for honey, and that's honey itself, so look at the label on a jar of orange blossom honey to make sure that there are no additives like corn syrup.
Additionally, both the flavor and smell of orange blossom honey should be mild, so if it smells heavily of oranges or flowers or has a very strong, sweet citrusy taste, it's likely full of sugar additives. You can also look for a thick or even crystallized texture, which means the honey hasn't been diluted by other sweeteners.