Fried ice cream with sprinkles in glass cup
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How To Tackle Fried Ice Cream In The Air Fryer (& The Best Coating)
Deep-fried ice cream may sound difficult to pull off, but with an air fryer and a bit of preparation, you can indeed make sweet scoops of ice cream in crispy shells.
Since liquid batter and air fryers don't play well together, you'll have to make a drier coating. Try mixing crushed nuts, honey, and your favorite cereal like corn flakes.
Start with balls of ice cream that are as cold as possible, and quickly coat them in beaten egg before rolling them in your cereal and nut mixture.
If the egg coating isn't sticking to the ice cream, try rolling the ice cream balls in flour, then put them back in the freezer to harden for a while before proceeding.
To make cleanup easy, line your air fryer with parchment paper. You can also lightly mist each ball of ice cream with a cooking oil spray to prevent sticking.
You may need to rotate the balls very carefully midway through frying so they crisp up properly. Act fast, because this dessert can be ready to serve in under 60 seconds of frying.