Glass of Arnold Palmer with a lemon wedge and straw
How To Spike An Arnold Palmer For A Refreshing Iced Cocktail
How you go about transforming your Arnold Palmer into a memorable mixed drink depends on the type of spirit you prefer, which will affect the measurements you should use.
In order to figure out how best to spike your Arnold Palmer, look to standard pours — the measurements that equate to one drink for a specific type of spirit.
Use 1.5 ounces for hard liquor, up to three ounces of a liqueur, and up to five ounces of wine. This should give you good flavor without overtaking the Arnold Palmer itself.
The standard pour of beer and malt beverages is 12 and 10 ounces respectively, which will over-dilute your beverage. To avoid this, only add these drinks in a 1-to-1 ratio.
If you’re not sure how to spike your Arnold Palmer, vodka’s crisp mouthfeel and neutral flavor make it a good starting point. Try whisky for a richer, more complex flavor.
Adding gin will give your Arnold Palmer floral notes and a herbaceous undertone, while more unique spirits like fruit liqueur and prosecco will add some bubbly sweetness.