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How To Serve And Eat Brie Like An Expert
With a buttery, mild flavor, Brie is a popular soft-ripened cheese that's aged by applying mold to the outside. To enjoy a brie's full flavor and texture, use these best practices.
Brie's flavor, aroma, and texture are best when brought to room temperature, which can take an hour or more if left out on the counter. You can speed up the process in a few ways.
It's faster to warm up a smaller wedge of brie over the whole wheel. Try sealing a wedge in a zip-top bag and submerging it in water that’s just above room temperature.
To cut a wedge of brie, cut the whole wheel in half first, then cut one of the halves into smaller wedges. This keeps the remaining half fresher by limiting air exposure.
Experts recommend serving brie with the rind on. Leftover brie should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap (or vacuum sealed) and stored in the fridge for up to a week.
However, any cheese left sitting out of the fridge for four hours or more should be discarded. Follow these rules and you'll enjoy this classic cheese to the fullest.