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How To Ripen A Banana Fast
Despite feigned attempts by some banana producers, controlling the ripeness of your bananas can feel like an endless struggle. Fortunately, if you need your bananas more ripe for a delicious batch of banana bread, we have the solution.
To learn the method for a faster ripening process, you first have to learn what causes it in the first place, and this occurs from different ripening enzymes. One softens the fruit and darkens the skin, and the other, amylase, turns the taste from starchy to sugary, and is the ultimate reason banana bread comes out tasting so sweet.
It turns out there’s a way to harness the power of amylase to turn a green banana into that starch-free, pure-sugar goo, and it only involves an egg yolk. Egg yolks are so high in amylase that all you need to do is mash unripe bananas together with raw egg yolk — two yolks per eight ounces of fruit — and wait about 30 minutes for perfect banana bread.