Rusty baking sheet in hand
How To Remove Rust From Your Baking Sheets With A Potato
Removing rust can be a total pain. Luckily, you can simplify the process by dipping a sliced potato in dish soap and rubbing it on your rusty baking sheet.
This method works so well because potatoes contain oxalic acid, which is good at dissolving rust. When it comes in contact with rust, it creates a double displacement reaction.
This converts rust into iron oxalate, which can easily be washed away with water. Any old potato will work, especially sweet potatoes, which contain even more oxalic acid.
To use this method, first cut a potato in half to expose the insides. Then, dip one end in dish soap (or baking soda) and add salt, which can act as an exfoliant.
Slide the spud across the rusted areas of your baking sheet, pressing down hard to scrape the gunk away. Once done, rinse the sheet and dry it off immediately.