White Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail. milkshake with gold straw and gold rim
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How To Pull Off A Whip Shake To Get Cloudlike Drink Textures
Shaking a cocktail chills, dilutes, and aerates the drink, which creates a special light and frothy texture. The technique called the "whip shake" takes frothiness to the extreme.
The whip shake is used for extra-frothy cocktails served with crushed or no ice. Though ice does go into the cocktail shaker, your goal is to shake it until it all melts.
To try it, add a few ice cubes to the shaker with your drink ingredients. Using an abrupt, staccato "whipping" motion, shake the cocktail until the ice has completely dissolved.
Drinks where frothiness is the goal, like Mai Tais and Zombies, all benefit from a whip shake. It's a great technique for any drink that includes egg whites or pineapple juice.
Use crushed ice or just a few ice cubes when performing a whip shake. Less ice means more air in the shaker, resulting in an extra frothy cocktail once the ice is all gone.