Pork chops being grilled on a flat top outdoor griddle
How To Properly Clean Your Blackstone Griddle After Cooking
A Blackstone griddle takes backyard cooking to a new level, but as they are made from carbon steel, regular cleaning and seasoning are needed to prevent rust.
The best way to keep your grill looking good is to clean it every time you use it. Start by scraping all the bits and pieces of food off the griddle and into your drip pan.
Spray the surface with hot water and use a paper towel to clean all the gunk off. Once done, use your microfiber towel to dry off the griddle.
Apply a small amount of vegetable oil to the griddle. Use enough to cover the whole surface, but don't use so much that the oil starts forming pools.
You want it to look shiny and oiled, not overflowing, and allow the oil to soak into the griddle on its own. Your backyard kitchen is now ready to take on another day.