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How To Prevent Chicken From Sticking To A Cast Iron Skillet
It's hard not to be discouraged when your chicken gets stuck to the skillet, even more so when it's in a cast iron pan known for its natural nonstick qualities. If this happens to you more often than you wish to admit, don't give up on cooking with cast iron just yet.
There's a simple way to prevent your chicken from sticking to your pan. Instead of adding your cold chicken straight out of the fridge into a cast iron, leave the meat out for a bit, preheat your pan, and drizzle in a generous amount of fat — whether it be oil or butter — before adding the chicken.
If your chicken is still sticking — even after preheating the pan, bringing the chicken to a warmer temperature, and adding in a good amount of fat — you may have to re-season your cast iron. To do so, simply coat your pan in vegetable oil and bake it upside down for an hour at 350 degrees.