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How To Prevent Brownies From Sticking To Your Knife
Whether they're warm and gooey or cold and chewy, brownies are a classic chocolate dessert that some of us love more than chocolate cake or chocolate cookies. Our ultimate brownies are flavored with browned butter, vanilla, and rich cocoa powder, but if you need help cutting brownies, rather than baking them, we still have you covered.
A perfect batch of brownies can end up looking mangled if you haphazardly cut them out of the pan. Brownies continue to cook even after you remove them from the oven, so to make them look picture-perfect, let them cool for at least 30 minutes and cut them when the batter has settled, not when it's still sticky and soft.
As for your brownie-cutting utensil, Food Network recommends using a chef’s knife with a long blade; just make sure you apply cooking spray or vegetable oil to the blade, so it will be non-stick. After each cut, wipe off any brownie crumbs, then re-oil the blade before digging back in, so all your edges will look neat and appealing.