Grilled polenta with roasted tomatoes and creamy goat curd
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How To Prep Polenta So That It Doesn't Fall Apart On The Grill
Although humble in origin, polenta is extremely versatile and can serve as an exquisite side dish or the base of a main course. One of today’s trendy polenta variations sees polenta cut into squares and grilled, but before you try this at home, know there are a few extra steps before your polenta can hit the grill.
When grilling, store-bought polenta that’s already set in a cylinder shape is easier because it’s ready to slice and sear. If you’re opting to use homemade polenta, before you can grill it you must spread it in a baking pan and let it set for a minimum of two hours or let it refrigerate overnight.
Once your polenta is ready, be sure to incorporate some fat so it doesn't stick to the grill, or your electric griddle or pan if you can’t grill outside. Aside from prepping your cooking surface, remember to brush fresh oil on both sides of the polenta, which will not only help keep your polenta intact but also ensure gorgeous grill marks.