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How To Pick The Best Noodles For Your Homemade Ramen
When picking the best noodles for your homemade ramen, chefs Aaron Israel and Sawako suggest thinking of the noodles as "a vehicle for the broth," per Real Simple.
If you're working with a thicker broth, opt for a thicker noodle, and pair thinner broths with thinner noodles. Here's how to know which is which.
Shio and shoyu are common thinner ramen broths. Pair them with thinner noodles, like soba, which have more absorption capacity and will deliver more broth per bite.
Chukamen noodles, a kind of egg-based noodle that's typically long and cylindrical, have a thicker size that is a good fit for thick broths like tonkatsu and miso ramen.