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How To Mince Garlic Extra Fine Without A Garlic Press
Garlic is one of the most beloved ingredients, and its notable flavor can be found in anything from Italian pasta dishes to Chinese stir-fries and Tanzanian curries. One of the best ways to obtain a ton of flavor from garlic is to mince it, so try this trick to quickly and effortlessly mince your garlic.
When garlic is chopped, it releases allicin, a sulfurous chemical that produces the garlic’s well-known distinctive odor and flavors, therefore the more we cut it, the more these flavors we release. However, it can be difficult if you don't have knife skills or a garlic press, but don’t worry, there are better choices available.
A quick and easy way to mince garlic is to use a fork instead of a knife, because the tines of a fork can replicate the same mincing as a garlic press. Simply remove the garlic's outer skin, place it on your cutting surface, and press it with the underside of the fork until it's broken down sufficiently.