Fast food condiment packets
How To Measure The Expiration Of Fast Food Condiment Packets
If you keep a stash of fast food condiment packets, you may wonder if they're still good to eat. There's a way to tell even without an expiration date printed on the packet.
If the packet is puffy or torn, throw it away. If it looks normal, squirt the condiment on a plate, and don't eat it if it's watery, looks off in color or texture, or smells bad.
Some condiments also last longer than others. Packets full of dry spices, sugar or salt, or honey can last for years if left undamaged and stored properly.
Keep condiment packets in a cool, dry place. You don't have to refrigerate them, unless you prefer your sauce chilled or the packet specifically suggests it.
Jam and butter packets are two examples that should be stored in the fridge. Some organic versions of condiments may also go bad more quickly.