Salisbury steak with mushrooms on a white plate
How To Make Sure Your Salisbury Steak Doesn't Crumble Apart
To prevent your Salisbury steak patty from crumbling, one essential step is the incorporation of an egg and crushed cracker mixture into your ground meat.
They act as a binding agent, holding the patty together during cooking. The egg proteins firm to hold everything together, while the crushed crackers add texture and structure.
What's more, the mixture provides richness from the egg yolks, and the cracker crumbs absorb moisture to help the Salisbury steak patties remain succulent.
Start by whisking the egg thoroughly before mixing in the crushed crackers. The egg and cracker mixture, along with any other ingredients, should then be worked into the meat.
When it comes to choosing the right cracker for the job, consider your flavor preferences. Saltines provide a neutral base, while Ritz or Club can add richness to the dish.
Panko breadcrumbs can also be used in place of crackers. Their light and airy yet crunchy texture creates balance, allowing the patty to hold together without becoming too dense.