Egg salad sandwich halves
How To Make Egg Salad Without Ever Peeling A Shell
To make egg salad without needing to peel the eggs' shells, crack your eggs into a cake or loaf pan and then place the pan in a larger container to hard boil in simmering water.
You'll first want to grease your cake or loaf pan, then crack all your eggs into it. As a rule of thumb, try not to crowd the pan so much that the yolks bleed into each other.
If you’re using an oven, place your pan into a baking dish and pour water until it reaches the top level of the eggs. Cook for half an hour at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
For a stove, use a pot big enough for the pan to fit in without touching the sides. Bring the water to a simmer, then insert your pan. Cook for 15 minutes with the lid on.
With an Instant Pot, pour lukewarm water in, cover the pan with foil, place it on the lower rack, cook on high for five minutes, and let it naturally release for another five.