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How To Make Avocado Toast Keto-Friendly
Avocado toast, the go-to breakfast option for hipster-millennials, is a great option for everyone as it is a great source of nutrients and healthy fats. With different toppings like citrus for vitamin C, asparagus, or poached eggs, there are many ways to make your avocado toast, including the keto diet.
The first step for your keto avocado toast is choosing the bread, and Women’s Health Magazine provides several low-carb options that won’t sacrifice any flavor, but they might still contain gluten. For those who are gluten-free or on a gluten-free diet, making your own keto bread might be better for more ingredient control.
For home-made keto bread, you can try the 90-second bread recipe provided by KetoFocus, baking gluten-free bread made with almond flour, or cloud bread made with eggs, cream cheese and sea salt. As long as your avocado is your star attraction, your keto avocado toast will come out great no matter which recipe you choose.