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How To Limit Food Waste When Grocery Shopping For One Person
Grocery shopping for one person can be hard, but with some planning, you can confidently leave the store with ingredients that minimize food waste.
While shopping for ingredients, solo chefs should consider portion sizes. Purchase only what you need for meals to avoid spoilage and throwing food away.
At smaller grocery stores and farmers' markets, it's often easier to purchase a handful of items or halved vegetables, like pumpkins and cauliflower.
While many packaged and frozen meals are prepared with larger parties in mind, you can clear out space in your freezer to prolong the lifespan of ingredients.
If you buy bulk items like dried pasta, beans, or lentils, parcel them out into smaller serving sizes and place them in air-tight containers to keep them fresher for longer.
Before your next grocery store run, consider your meal portions ahead of time to reduce waste, and have enough storage containers to keep ingredients fresh for future meals.