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How To Know If You’re Using The ‘Correct’ Side Of A Tortilla
It’s pretty easy to tell if your shirt is on backwards, but when it comes to some foods, distinguishing between the front and back can be difficult. Caring about such a thing sounds silly, but tortillas actually do have distinct "front" and "back" sides that are important to note when preparing food.
When holding a tortilla, you can tell the difference between the front and back sides by the texture; the front will be thinner, and you'll be able to tear the "skin" off the tortilla, while the back will be thicker and sturdier. You might also be able to tell by color, since the back of the tortilla will be slightly darker.
The outside or "back" of a tortilla is rougher, darker, and most importantly, stronger. To utilize this strength, fold your tortilla so the "front" is on the inside, housing your taco, burrito, or enchilada filling, and "back" is on the outside, acting as a sturdy shell to keep those delicious fillings intact.