A sous vide machine
How To Insulate Your Sous Vide Bath For Long Cooking Sessions
The sous vide method offers precise temperature control and consistent results, but maintaining a stable water temperature during long cooking sessions can be challenging.
Insulating the entire container with bubble wrap creates an effective thermal barrier that reduces heat loss and maintains a stable water temperature.
Bubble wrap insulation can lower energy consumption by up to two-thirds, leading to more efficient and more environmentally conscious sous vide cooking.
Wrap the bubble wrap snugly around the outside, fully covering the sides, and secure it with tape or rubber bands. Leave the control panel and water intake area exposed.
Bubble wrap shields your internal sous vide setup from drafts or surrounding environmental issues. Externally, it protects from accidental burns by touching the hot container.
To further enhance insulation, a lid or insulating material on top of the water vessel, such as ping-pong balls, will help ensure a more stable cooking environment.