How To Instill Cold Brew Coffee Into Your Next Negroni
Coffee in a cocktail can highlight a drink’s acidic, bitter, and sweet flavors. You may have tasted this effect in an Irish coffee or espresso martini, but not a cold brew Negroni.
The cold brew coffee’s cocoa-like notes smooth the strongly alcoholic Negroni’s edges, producing a drink with a multi-layered, bittersweet flavor.
The base of the Negroni — vermouth, gin, and Campari — remains the same, but you have two ways to add the coffee. You can stir it into the finished drink or infuse the Campari.
Cold brew or cold brew concentrate can be mixed right into the Negroni. A classic-tasting coffee will be more subtle, while a more acidic and bolder option will be livelier.
Another hassle-free method is to mix cold brew liqueur with other ingredients. This amplifies the Negroni's booziness, but it's harder to control the coffee flavor and intensity.
The final method involves pouring Campari into a mason jar half-filled with coffee grounds. Let it sit for 10 minutes to overnight for a special coffee Campari in your drink.