Chocolate cake in pan
How To Include Espresso Powder To Any Chocolate Cake Recipe
If you’re a true chocolate fan, espresso powder is a must-try ingredient to make your favorite chocolate cake even better. It's surprisingly easy to incorporate into any recipe.
Espresso powder won’t make your cake taste like coffee. It will highlight the flavors of the cocoa you choose and add more nuance for a stronger chocolate flavor.
While you can achieve the same effect by adding brewed coffee to the batter, espresso powder doesn't need any extra prep and won't add excess liquid to the cake.
Simply stir a teaspoon or two of espresso powder into your dry ingredients. Since it’s used in such small amounts, you shouldn’t have to alter your liquid ingredients.
You can even sub in espresso powder in cake recipes that call for brewed coffee. Just add the powder along with some hot water equal to the amount of coffee in the recipe.
Stirring espresso powder into hot water can make it more potent in general. Just don’t use too much, or else the coffee may overpower the chocolate flavors.