Grater peel and orange and lemon zest on the wooden table
How To Hold A Microplane For The Easiest Zesting
Handling a microplane improperly can result in over-zesting fruits, which can lead to bitter flavors. Thankfully, chef Joshua Weissman has a technique for holding this tool.
In his YouTube video "100 Food Hacks I Learned In Restaurants," Weissman avoids the tool's handle and instead grabs the middle section right over its metal part.
He then unfurls his thumb to place the microplane firmly against the lemon held in his other hand. This helps to rotate the fruit so its peel gets equal zesting.
With the microplane placed flush against the top of the lemon, the chef begins zesting by moving his elbows up and down. The tool's blades grate the peel in clean strips.
Meanwhile, the hand holding the fruit gradually rotates it between strips until it’s completely zested. This unique technique even prevents your microplane from getting dull.