Woman's hand holding wine glass
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How To Hold A Glass Of Wine To Preserve Its Taste
You may be more concerned with what’s in your wine glass, rather than how you hold the glass itself, but holding your glass properly can actually make your wine taste better.
When drinking from a stemmed wine glass, it’s best to hold the glass by the stem and not by the bowl, which prevents your fingertips from warming up the wine.
Both red and white wines are best served below room temperature, so you want to avoid warming it up with your body heat so it stays cool and tastes the best.
A notable exception is when the wine is poured at a colder temperature, in which case it’s acceptable to cup the bowl of the glass and warm it up a bit.
When drinking from a stemless wine glass, it’s best to hold the bowl as close to the bottom as possible, using as few fingers as possible, to stop the wine from heating up.