A Chicago-style hot dog on a wooden surface
How To Guarantee Every Bite Of Your Chicago-Style Hot Dog Has A Sweet Tomato Taste
A Chicago-style hot dog is a beef frank on a steamed poppy seed bun that's topped with mustard, white onion, dill pickle spears, relish, celery salt, sport peppers, and tomatoes.
You want to balance the amount of toppings so you get a little of everything in each bite, and large tomato slices can overwhelm the hot dog and other ingredients.
Instead, use pickled grape tomatoes. They're more sweet and tangy than fresh, and their small size ensures an even distribution of tomato flavor without resorting to ketchup.
To make pickled tomatoes, pour a boiling mixture of water, vinegar, salt, and sugar over halved or whole tomatoes in a jar, close the lid, and then refrigerate it for a day or two.
Once your tomatoes are ready, cook the hot dogs, steam the poppy seed buns, dice the onion, and cut the pickle spears. Assemble your Chicago dog as usual and enjoy.