a cooked lobster on a plate
How To Go About Using Costco's New 'Naked' Lobster
One of Costco's newest foods is Cedar Bay Naked Lobster, which is exactly what it sounds like — a full lobster without its shell, which helps simplify the lobster-eating process.
Priced at $39.99 for two portions at the store or $299.99 for six that can be ordered online, each contains the meat from a two-pound crustacean along with mounds of herby butter.
Cook naked lobster by placing a frozen package into a pot of boiling water for 18 minutes. After removing the package, lobster can be served simply or transformed.
The lobster can be used to stuff ravioli and dumplings or make crispy fritters and bisque. Use it for easy lobster rolls or seafood salad; the possibilities are endless.