Boudin sausage served on the table
How To Get The Most Out Of Boudin Sausage, The Cajun Delicacy
Boudin is a mix of precooked ingredients stuffed into a casing. Most people don't eat the casing, so for the best boudin experience, steam it, simmer it in water, or grill it.
Steaming a boudin ensures that its stuffing and the casing maintain some moisture. Then, you can cut it in half and gently squeeze the contents out of the casing like a push-pop.
You can also simmer the sausage in water to heat it through. This also ensures that the boudin's interior is moist and the casing firm enough to squeeze out the contents.
However, don't boil the boudin, as the casing is thin and will fall apart if the boil is too high. Alternatively, bake or grill a boudin to add another dimension to its casing.
Baking or grilling allows a boudin's casing to crisp up, brown, and caramelize. Then, simply add some grainy mustard or remoulade sauce and enjoy the whole sausage, skin and all.