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How To Get The Best Sauteed Mushrooms, According To Julia Child
Even beginner home cooks know what a difference sautéing can make with fresh veggies in a dish. But it can be tough to achieve that crisped brown edge on the mushrooms in your pan — more often, they turn out wet, but advice from French food industry icon Julia Child can change that.
For a perfect sauté, Julia Child recommends spreading the mushrooms out in the pan. Crowded, wet mushrooms will steam rather than sauté in the pan. So, to crisp them up, keep your mushrooms far apart as they brown and make sure to select a large enough pan to give them the space they need.
To dodge even more wetness, opt for a dirtier mushroom. Washing your mushrooms might be the culprit for some of that water content. Instead, gently polish the surface of your mushrooms with a wet paper towel. This will remove any dirt without adding extra moisture.