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How To Get That Deli Taste For Your Tuna Salad
For tuna lovers, there's nothing comparable to the taste of deli-made tuna salad sandwiches, which always have a far more satisfying flavor than homemade ones. However, there is a secret ingredient to make your tuna salad just as delicious: Time.
When tuna salad rests overnight, the ingredients have a chance to emulsify, combining into that uniquely cohesive flavor. No matter how you want to tweak your own tuna sandwich recipe, the most critical factor in achieving that deli taste is letting your tuna salad sit for a few hours, or ideally, overnight.
You can implement a few more techniques to up your tuna salad game, like draining your tuna well to get rid of excess water and drying the onions or celery. Adding breadcrumbs into the mix can also help combat sogginess by soaking up any extra liquid. Last but not the least, don't skimp on the mayo.