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How To Get Oven-Quality Nachos Using A Microwave
A microwave, without a doubt, is one of the best appliances in a kitchen as it helps with all kinds of useful tasks, from reheating leftovers to melting butter. While the microwave does not substitute well when making actual meals, it does work well for snacks like nachos.
Tortilla chips stay extra crispy when microwaved since they are made of corn rather than wheat flour, and they've been previously fried and therefore rid of excess moisture. The first step to achieving oven-quality nachos is to microwave the tortilla chips by themselves before adding the cheese.
The best way is to microwave them on top of a paper towel for 15 seconds and, if necessary, repeat in 10-second intervals until the chips are extra crunchy. Once the tortilla chips have been microwaved, add the cheese and the toppings and microwave for a final 30 seconds.