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How To Fix Potato Salad That Has Too Much Vinegar
Whether it's homemade or store-bought, potato salad can be a hit or miss. Considering there are usually only four main components in a potato salad dish — mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, and potatoes — the ratio of them is all the more important.
When the potato salad becomes too sour with vinegar, it can easily be salvaged with a bit of lemon zest, since its acid balances out the acid in the vinegar, ultimately eliminating that harsh flavor. Just take a fine grater or zester to the rind, measure out about a half teaspoon of zest per two cups of potato salad, and mix it in.
The addition of a sweet element, like sugar or any sweetener, should also be enough to neutralize the extra vinegar, but if the flavor is still off, use a pinch of baking soda. If all else fails, adding more potatoes is an option.