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How To Fix A Salad Dressing That's Overly Acidic
When making salads at home, it's fun and easy to go the extra mile by preparing their dressings from scratch instead of reaching into your fridge for a bottle. But if you're not used to making dressing, you could end up with a mixture that's far too puckeringly acidic.
When making homemade dressing, strive for three parts oil to one part acid. This step is easy to flub, as the vinegar may pour out a little faster than you expected or the lemons you squeezed may have had more juice than normal — but fear not, as there’s an easy fix.
If your homemade dressing turned out too puckery, remember that acidic ingredients are balanced out by rich, fatty ones. So, you can always add some extra oil to tone the acid down or try other fats such as mashed avocado, tahini paste, or even peanut butter.