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How To Find High Value Cocktails On The Menu Every Time
If you’re looking to indulge in a cocktail but still want to get your money’s worth, there’s a simple trick to spot the highest-value cocktails on any menu.
Not exactly the same as the “best value,” a “high value” drink is one with a good amount of alcohol, high-quality or unique ingredients, and a delicious taste, all for a fair price.
According to bartender Zanny Steffgen, bar menus tend to have “cocktails with the biggest profit margins at the top or in the middle,” while higher-value drinks tend to linger at the bottom.
This means you should scan the bottom of the drink list instead of ordering what your eyes land on first, which are likely more “low value” drinks that are meant to turn a profit.
If you’re still stumped by the menu, tried-and-true options like an Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Corpse Reviver, or French 75 are all safe bets for affordable, strong, and palatable drinks.