March 1998: Taco Bell in LA. (Photo by Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images)
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How To Fill Your Taco Bell Enchirito Void Now That It's Off The Menu
The Enchirito, Taco Bell's version of an enchilada, is a rolled flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, beans, and onions, then covered in red sauce and cheddar cheese. This menu item had a run from 1970 to 2013, then came back for a brief time in 2022 before disappearing again, so Enchirito lovers may want to try these alternatives.
Customize Your Order
You can recreate discontinued menu items using Taco Bell’s POS ordering system, as long as you are very specific when ordering. For an Enchirito replica, order a Burrito Supreme with extra beef and cheese, a side of red sauce, sour cream, and nacho cheese sauce, and two sides of the three-cheese blend on top.
Baja Fresh
Baja Fresh is another Mexican-style fast food chain, and while they don't offer an exact dupe of the Enchirito, they do advertise that customers can order an "Enchilado"-style burrito. You can ask for the burrito of your choice (beef works best) served in red chili sauce with melted jack cheese and sour cream.
While Chuy’s is a chain with only about 100 locations across the U.S., and its enchiladas are made with corn tortillas instead of flour ones, we promise you they will fill your Taco Bell Enchirito void and more. The chain offers four different types of enchiladas, plus a custom make-your-own option.
One of the cheapest and tastiest solutions is to make your own Enchirito at home, and Tasting Table has both a loaded beef enchilada and a red enchilada sauce recipe. You might not even miss the Taco Bell Enchirito after experimenting with making your own version.