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How To Fill Your Choco Taco Void
DIY dessert tacos
The discontinuation of the Choco Taco broke many hearts, but you can make your own by following one of Burgermeister Cooking’s recipes or our own Mashed recipe (click the Read Full Story button below for links to these guides). You can also fill a folded pancake, waffle, or crepe with ice cream and toppings.
Happy Ending Chocolate
Happy Ending Chocolate has been serving colorful ice cream tacos since 2019, and the flavors — orange creamsicle, birthday cake, and milk and cookies — taste just as vibrant as the treats look. These fun tacos are sold at farmer's markets and pop-up stalls in and around Las Vegas.
Fat Taco
Fat Taco, a taco and tequila bar in New Jersey, serves its own twist on the Choco Taco. With hand-made shells and a recipe that is nearly identical to a real Choco Taco, Fat Taco actually struggles to keep up with all the orders of this treat, according to co-owner Gary Yip.
Sad Girl Creamery
Sad Girl Creamery's owner SueEllen Mancini has shared many Choco Taco-inspired creations, such as mint-vanilla ice cream in a Mexican vanilla brown butter waffle shell and strawberry ice cream in a white chocolate shell. These tacos can be found at various pop-up locations in Los Angeles.
Salt and Straw
Salt and Straw has their own "chocolate tacolate" that they brought back on October 4, 2022, in honor of National Taco Day. Food Network calls the tacolate a "slightly fancier version of the frozen treat we know and love," featuring a waffle cone shell filled with cinnamon ancho ice cream.