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How To Elevate Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes
Vegan oatmeal pancakes prove that being a vegan doesn't mean you have to choose between nutrition and tastiness when making food. These pancakes are packed with fiber, protein, and nutrients, but they can turn out denser and less fluffy than classic flapjacks — luckily, one secret ingredient can change that.
The liquid from a can of chickpeas, called "aquafaba," can add a fluffy texture to your vegan oatmeal pancakes, and is a common substitute for egg whites in various plant-based recipes. Serious Eats has instructions on how to whip aquafaba into a sort of meringue and add it to your pancake batter for a light and airy consistency.
Start by whisking the chickpea liquid on high speed for six minutes in a stand mixer, or until it gains a foamy consistency with stiff peaks. Mix together the ingredients in your pancake batter, then carefully fold the aquafaba meringue into the mixture; from there, fry up your delicious and fluffy oatmeal pancakes for a real treat.