Closeup of Campbell's Tomato Soup can with open lid.    (Photo by James Keyser/Getty Images)
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How To Elevate The Flavor Of Canned Tomato Soup
Canned tomato soup can be simple and satisfying, but if you want to make your average grilled cheese and soup a little more highbrow, these are plenty of ways to give a can of Campbell's more flavor. One of the easiest additions are herbs and spices, with oregano, fresh or dried basil, or Italian seasoning as natural choices.
Herbs de Provence add a French spin to your soup, and a blend of cumin, chili powder, garlic, onions, and Mexican oregano creates a more assertive spiciness. If you'd like to alter the texture of your soup, try adding pasta (fusilli, gnocchi, and tortellini are great choices) or a handful of veggies like spinach, kale, or more tomatoes.
There are also ways to make the soup itself thicker and richer, like blending in cooked yellow onions and minced garlic, or oven-roasted jalapeños, poblanos, and/or bell peppers. Blending in these veggies creates a texture that is smooth, but not thin and runny, while milk, heavy cream, or even cream cheese add more richness.
Dairy additions require careful simmering so they don't curdle, but boiled starchy potatoes can thicken your tomato soup with no dairy and no risk of curdling. To top off your delicious soup, try Greek yogurt or sour cream, chives, a splash of vinegar, cheeses like bleu and parmesan, avocado, and of course, the classic garlicky croutons.