Variety of homemade puff pastry buns cinnamon rolls and croissant. Close up.  (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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How To Eat A Croissant Without Making A Huge Mess
The croissant may be the most iconic French food of all time, and the flaky pastry makes for the perfect breakfast food when paired with jam or cheese. There is one downside to eating croissants, though, since they can often shatter into a million crumbs and flakes when you bite them, so try this eating method instead.
The School of Etiquette SA says that the first step to a proper croissant breakfast is to gather all your toppings, including spreads, cheese, etc. Then, instead of spreading your toppings on the whole croissant and taking a bite, tear the croissant into bite-sized pieces and slather with toppings before popping each bite into your mouth.
The Guardian also recommends having a decently-size plate to eat over, since croissant crumbs will inevitably scatter. The site also recommends a cup of coffee alongside the meal for dunking, which could also help with crumb control, and taking a bite of a croissant with cold butter followed by a bite with hot coffee is delightful.