Two glasses of coffee mixed with cognac over ice
How To Drink Cognac And Coffee For A Luxurious Pairing
Cognac may be a less obvious choice for coffee spiking, but when paired together, coffee cognac makes for a
mature digestif with a little
caffeinated pick-me-up.
Thanks to its maturation period, cognac has subtle notes of vanilla, peach, caramel, prune, apricot, orange, baking spices, toffee, dried flowers, and/or tobacco.
These notes in cognac bring out the natural nuttiness and spice of coffee, resulting in a rich, complex, luxurious cocktail experience that's inherently "warm."
For best results, use a full-bodied dark roast coffee or any coffee beans with a Brazilian or Columbian origin and incorporate the cognac at room temperature for pique performance.
Start with 1 teaspoon of cognac per 8 ounces of coffee. You could also add a splash of flavored creamer, a lemon wedge, cardamom pods, or a splash of Butterscotch Schnapps.