A red Keurig machine brewing coffee into a white coffee mug
How To Clean Your Keurig Needle With Just A Paperclip And Water
If your Keurig machine suffers from decreased performance, slower brewing times, or sputtering noises, it may be time to clean its entrance and exit needles.
Cleaning the needles is easy since they are hollow. You only need a clean paperclip and a sink to unclog the needles inside and rinse the bits of stuck coffee.
Start by lifting the lid to open the Keurig machine, then gently grab hold of the pod holder and lift it out. Twist the holder to separate it into two parts.
You'll notice that the top part has a small tube that juts out — the exit needle. Unbend and straighten your paperclip, then use it to unclog any debris in the exit needle.
Afterward, rinse both pod holder parts with water and allow them to dry. Next, look at the top half of your Keurig machine above where the pod holder was.
The sharp metal piece sticking out is the entrance needle. Retake your paperclip and stick it into the hollow part of the needle, moving it around to unclog any debris.
Place the pod holder back into the machine and set a mug beneath it before running two hot water cycles to flush out everything you've loosened up.