Someone opening the door on a wall oven
How To Clean That Hard-To-Reach Spot Between Your Oven Window
The area between the glass panes of an oven door is a tricky spot to reach when cleaning. The key is to access the area through the slots at the bottom of the oven door.
To start, remove the oven's bottom drawer to see the opening at the lower edge of the door. Secure a thin cloth to a rigid wire or a straightened coat hanger with rubber bands.
Next, moisten the cloth with a cleaning solution, like vinegar and soap or a baking soda paste. Carefully insert the wire through the slots and gently move over the glass panes.
Once you've wiped down the area, replace the dirty cloth with a clean, damp one to remove any cleaning solution residue. Finally, use a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.
This method should help you remove light to moderate dirt buildup, but if the grime between your oven glass is particularly stubborn, you may need to disassemble the oven door.